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Women’s Only Handgun Safety

Handgun Safety is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and firing of a pistol. It can also be an excellent refresher for those who haven’t had any recent pistol experience.

The class is 4 hours long, and includes both classroom and range firing instructions. The classroom portion includes pistol parts and function, loading and unloading safely, ammunition selection and other topics. The range portion introduces how to hold the pistol, how to get the proper sight picture, how to press the trigger and other topics.

To attend the class, fill out our Application Form and bring it with you to class.  Check our calendar for available dates.

The cost for the course will be determined prior to the course date.

Bring a firearm (revolver or pistol), eye/ear protection and 50+ rounds of ammo appropriate for your firearm.  A couple .22’s will be available should you not have a firearm.   Any questions you may have can be directed to either Dolly Hughes or Donna Baxter.

Dolly Hughes (NRA #211981473)
A Girl A Gun Facilitator


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