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Bowling Pin Shoot

Bowling Pin Shoot

Are you looking for a downright fun way to start, or improve upon, your competitive shooting skills? Every Wednesday evening @ 6:30 pm we host a Bowling Pin Shoot.

What it is

The Bowling Pin Shoot is a friendly and fun competitive shooting event. A bracketed competition method is used when enough shooters participate, and a less formal, but equally fun, method is used when there aren’t enough users for full brackets. Two opponents will be placed on the shooting line at the same time. Each shooter will have a table with five pins each placed 25 feet in front of them. The shooter to knock all five pins completely off the table first will advance to the next round.


  • Must be a current member, or a guest of a member participating in the event
  • $10 Single, or $15 for both events.
  • A pistol to use
    • Only .22lr are allowed for the .22 event
    • Center fire rounds up to .45 ACP are allowed for the Large Caliber event.
  • Three magazines for the desired pistol
  • Ammo

Want More Information?

Contact Pat Sweeney @ .

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