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Personal Protection Outside the Home

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

“Personal Protection Outside the Home” is an intensive 2 day course for people who plan to carry a pistol outside the home for defensive use.

Topics covered include:

  • What gun is best for self-defense?
  • Safe gun handling and storage.
  • Guns and children.
  • Laws relating to firearm purchase and ownership.
  • Law of self-defense.
  • Defensive Live Fire Shooting Scenarios

The NRA requires that the portions of this course pertaining to the law must be taught by a Lawyer or a Law Enforcement Officer.

We teach in a classroom environment all day on Saturday from 9am to 5pm (with a break for lunch around noon).  On Sunday we move to the range for the firing portion which will last from 9am until around 5pm.  You will need to attend the entire course for certification.  DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION INTO THE CLASSROOM!

The course is open to adults 18 and over, who are not barred by law from possessing a firearm, such as by a criminal conviction or a restraining order.  You may use your own pistol as long as it is an acceptable defensive caliber (9mm/38 Special or larger), loaner pistols may be available upon request in advance.  Bring 350 rounds of ammunition for your pistol.  If you need a loaner pistol, check with the lead instructor for ammunition cost.  You will fire most, if not all of the ammunition in defensive shooting scenarios.

To take “Personal Protection Outside the Home”, you must have already completed a NRA Personal Protection In the Home course and you must be very confident in your pistol handling skills.

The tuition for “Personal Protection Outside the Home” will be determined prior to the class. The price will include the book and materials but does not include ammunition.

For information on upcoming classes, please contact Charles Neely at 360-338-5532.

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